Nicky Kay is proudly certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Cotton, using only 100% organic cotton for all pieces from our new sustainable range.

Nicky Kay is committed to continually trialling and implementing more sustainable practices in our manufacturing process with the aim of driving positive change. We pledge to continually strive to lessen our environmental impact across every facet of our organisation, from manufacturing to packaging and internal office operations.



Nicky Kay is anti fast-fashion. Our pieces are made using premium fabrics that are made to last, which means our Nicky Kay customers get maximum use and enjoyment out of our timeless activewear pieces, but also ensures that we minimise our contribution to landfill and other environmental challenges.

We encourage all Nicky Kay customers to extend the life of their Nicky Kay activewear pieces by following the care instructions provided on our site and care labels.